Brendan Lacota

Manager of Public Interest Law at Justice Connect
Anika is exciting because it uses technology to meet two complementary needs, matching people in need of legal advice with law students who need practical experience. Providing an opportunity to develop the next generation of socially conscious lawyers while improving access to justice.

About Brendan

Brendan is the Manager of Public Interest Law at Justice Connect and an emerging leader in designing innovative ways to provide legal services. Brendan has championed the adoption of human-centred design in the development of legal services, developing tools such as FineFixer to help people understand their fines and take action. Brendan is the 2019 Vice President of the Law Institute of Victoria and has been a member of the LIV Council since January 2017. Brendan is also the co-founder of LifeDocs, a web service technology to unlock the law for people who are unable to afford traditional legal services.

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