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What is VCAT?

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is much like a court that hears and decides urgent disputes between tenants and landlords. The main difference between VCAT and a court, however, is you don’t need to hire a lawyer to represent you – you can speak for yourself at VCAT! In fact, most tenants represent themselves when attending VCAT.

How much will it cost to go to VCAT?

The application fee for VCAT is $63.70, or free for Health Care Card holders; however, if you need to go to VCAT, we can apply to have this fee waived. We can also provide you on a detailed guide on how to represent yourself at VCAT.

Do I need a lawyer to go to VCAT?

Nope. Clients are usually self-represented at VCAT, and if you use Anika, we can help you prepare to represent yourself at VCAT!

Can Anika help me at VCAT?

We cannot represent you at your VCAT hearing due to limited resources, meaning you will need to represent yourself at your VCAT hearing (which is what most tenants  do). To help you, we can provide you with our VCAT Self-Representation Guide  which tells you what to expect at VCAT and what you will need to do at your VCAT hearing.

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