What is Anika?

If you have a specific question that isn't listed below, please send it through to contact@anikalegal.com and we will endeavour to get you an answer ASAP!

What is Anika?

Anika Legal is a free online service for Victorian renters that specialises in tenancy repair. From advocating on your behalf or helping you prepare to go to VCAT, we work in partnership with Moonee Valley Legal Service to provide you with tailored legal advice, ensuring your home is functional, safe and secure.

How is Anika free?

Anika is a registered charity, funded through a Victorian Government grant. We believe that everyone should have access to access high-quality, free legal assistance, regardless if you can afford a lawyer.

What can Anika help me with?

In partnership with Moonee Valley Legal Service, Anika can help Victorian renters get their homes repaired by:

• Providing timely legal advice
• Negotiating with your landlord or agent
• Applying to VCAT on your behalf
• Preparing you to self-represent at VCAT

Anika is unable to help you if:

• Are seeking compensation for loss of utility/quiet use and enjoyment
• Have a bond dispute
• Have already received a notice to vacate your property
• Already have a VCAT date set
• Are a resident of a caravan park or rooming/share house

How much does Anika cost?

Anika 100% free! In the instance where you need to go to VCAT, the application fee for is $63.70, or free for Health Care Card holders; however, if you need to go to VCAT, we can apply to have this fee waived. We can also provide you with a detailed guide on how to represent yourself at VCAT.

How is Anika different?

Anika is completely online, 100% free and easy to use! That means you don’t need to leave your house or worry about any hidden costs. We’ll also be there every step of the way, from giving you all your options, providing tailored legal advice, and breaking everything down, so it’s super easy to understand.

Why do we do what we do?

Anika’s vision is a world where everyone has access to justice. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality legal assistance – regardless of if you have a disability, your socio-economic status, your cultural background or gender.  We believe that no matter what, everyone should have access to free legal advice.

How does it work?

Anika is hassle-free and easy to use! To get started, complete our questionnaire or give us a call and tell us what needs to be repaired – from there, we’ll connect you with a lawyer for free legal advice and work with you to reach a resolution.

Am I eligible?

All Victorian tenants are eligible to use Anika.

I have an agent, not a landlord. Can Anika still help me?


How do I get started?

Click here to start your case with us.

Will my home get fixed?

Although we will do as much as we can, we are unable to guarantee an outcome. Unfortunately, only a tribunal or court can make a final decision on a case; however, we can do our absolute best to reach a resolution!

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