What we do

At Anika, our vision is a world where everyone can access justice.

We believe everyone should have access to justice, regardless of how much money they earn, their disability status, cultural background, gender, or any other barrier to achieving equality before the law.

We are a tax-deductible charity and social enterprise working towards that vision by providing free, effective legal assistance to those who can’t access it through practical legal training and trusted partnerships.

Our values

We value integrity, compassion, curiosity and courage. They are the reason we started Anika, what’s brought us here, and how we’ll continue working towards our vision.

Integrity: Doing the right thing, especially when it’s hard.

We act ethically, transparently and with conviction to build trust with our users, partners and supporters.

Compassion: Listening to our users to make a difference.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are being failed by their justice system each year. We listen to and work with our users to build products which they genuinely need, and will have the greatest positive impact on their lives.

Curiosity: Embracing innovation to change the status quo.

The way things are done now doesn’t work for everyone. It’s our responsibility to search for better ways to do things - to remain open-minded, keep learning, and improve the way things are done.

Courage: Being fearless in the pursuit of justice.

A world where everyone has access to justice is an audacious vision, and it’s the one we’re fighting for. The path forward won’t be an easy one. That’s why we’re committed to facing our challenges with courage - because it’s what it will take to create real change and improve the lives of our users.