How we attract and retain our people at Anika Legal

By Noel Lim | Wed 8th May '24

Anika's people-first culture has always been paramount. These are the four reason people join and stay with Anika.

Anika team
Autonomy and Responsibility

People who choose to work at Anika have a vision of a new, better way to do things and believe, given the chance, they can make it a reality.

Anika gives them that chance. We hire for creativity and courage, provide them with mentoring, then entrust our people with the responsibility and autonomy to grow professionally and fulfil their vision.

Innovation Culture

We don't do things just because ‘it's just the way things are done.’ We need to know why. That means constantly observing, reflecting and adapting.

That mindset attracts curious people who never want to stop learning and growing. And those people champion innovations that can meaningfully tackle wicked problems.

Connection to Vision and Mission

Working at Anika is challenging. We have high expectations of our team, because we're passionate about our cause. Anika's people rise to the challenge because we care.

Our compassion for the renters we serve, and a mission that resonates with us, makes every day pursuing justice meaningful and motivating.

Wellbeing and Balance

People do their best work when they are happy, healthy and authentic.

We celebrate diversity, prioritise work-life balance, and treat everyone with integrity. We do it because it’s the right thing to do, and because we believe in bringing our whole selves to work.

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