Refer someone to Anika

Anika provides free legal advice and ongoing casework to vulnerable renters who need repairs performed in their rental or need assistance in getting their bond returned.

You can refer someone to Anika Legal’s services by helping them fill out this 10 minute questionnaire, or sending an email to [email protected].

What type of cases can
we take?

What will we do?

1. Legal advice

We’ll provide legal advice outlining our client’s rights and options

2. Casework

We’ll communicate with their landlord on our client’s behalf, and apply for VCAT if necessary

3. VCAT preparation

We’ll work with our client to prepare them to self-represent at VCAT

How can I refer to Anika?

Who can we help?

We can help people who:

99% of clients referred to Anika meet our eligibility criteria. We conduct an eligibility assessment after receiving the questionnaire submission, and on the rare occasion a client does not meet the criteria, we refer them to the most appropriate service.

How can my organisation refer to Anika?

If your community organisation would like to discuss the best way to refer clients to Anika, our Community Partnerships Team can provide your organisation with up to date referral resources or present at your team meeting. Email us at [email protected]