Get practical legal experience to set you apart in a competitive legal job market

Anika Legal offers practical legal training programs through select university law schools, preparing law students for an evolving legal industry. Find out if your university offers a credit-bearing placement.

Why work at Anika?

Real cases

Run your own cases and manage your own clients, under the supervision of experienced lawyers

Legal-tech skills

Build legal-tech skills and experience with a virtual legal practice to prepare for an increasingly digital legal industry


Take real cases remotely, on your schedule, for course credits. If it gets done, we don’t mind when or where you do it

Meet our student community partners

We gratefully acknowledge the following partners who have made Anika Legal’s impact possible

Interested in more than just a placement?

Anika’s volunteers comprise 90% of our team. They assist with cases, build our partnerships, design our services, and do our marketing.

Dedicated volunteers are what make Anika’s impact possible; see who we’re looking for in our openings.

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