Another big step in our journey: Anika Legal becomes an independent legal practice

Nico Lim

After an exciting and admittedly crazy year, we are proud to announce that Anika is now a fully independent legal practice. 


We are also excited to be able to welcome Anika’s newest team member and our new supervising lawyer, Cameron Horn, who comes with nearly 20 years of experience and is regarded as one of Victoria's leading tenancy law experts.


As a relatively new and innovative face in the legal industry, Anika has always strived to create new, innovative ways to deliver legal services. Starting as an ambitious idea, we knew getting Anika off the ground would be a lot of work, but we also knew a huge number of people would benefit if something like Anika existed. So we gave it a shot.

“The support we received in the early days – from students, advisors, friends, employers, and universities – gave us the courage to take the next step.” - Noel Lim, CEO of Anika 

anika team members outside moonee valley legal service
Anika team outside Moonee Valley Legal Service

Last week marked the end of our pilot with the Moonee Valley Legal Service, and we are pleased to say that it was a resounding and incredibly encouraging success. In the past year, Anika has grown from an idea into a reality, allowing us to help our clients repair 80 defects at their properties while achieving a client satisfaction score of 9.3/10.

“This pilot showed that with hard work and staying true to our vision of a world where everyone can access justice, Anika absolutely can work. More than that, it has the potential to work on the bold scale we initially envisaged.” – Noel Lim, CEO of Anika 

The success of the pilot has not only validated our mission, but allowed us to launch ourselves as a fully independent legal practice. This means the capacity to serve more Victorians, broaden our scope, and continue exploring new, innovative ways to deliver legal services.


anika team members posing together
LIV Young Lawyers 40th birthday with Anika as the charity partner

In just 2 years, Anika has grown from six people with an ambitious idea to an impressive team of 50 volunteers and over 20 paralegals. With such a strong and dedicated team, launching Anika as an independent legal practice called for us to have a great lawyer at the helm to match. Enter Cameron Horn. 


Joining Anika straight from running his own law firm, and having held lead roles at many community legal organisations before that, having someone as experienced as Cameron onboard changes a lot. 

By supervising our passionate group of law student paralegals, we are now able to harness the full potential and expertise of our team – providing reliable, high-quality legal advice as quickly and efficiently as ever. The phones are buzzing and we are on the other end, fully equipped to serve our clients the free legal advice they need and deserve.

We will also be able to work more closely with universities, which will allow us to continue to develop strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. This means an increase in the number of students we can provide practical legal training to, allowing us to help more Victorian tenants than ever before.

anika team photo strategy day

During this lockdown period, we’ve received an unprecedented number of requests for legal assistance and have raised our efforts to ensure as many Victorian renters as possible have access to free, online legal advice and a stable living situation. 

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