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If you have a specific question that isn't listed below, please send it through to and we will endeavour to get you an answer ASAP!

What will I have to do/what should I expect?

From the top, our intake questionnaire takes about ten minutes to complete. You should then expect a call from us within three business days! After you agree to our T&Cs (don’t worry, all of your info is kept confidential), look out for an email from us – this email will tell you how we’re going to proceed with your case or we might ask for some extra details to help you reach a resolution.

How long will the whole process take?

Unfortunately, this is a tricky answer to put an exact time from on! This is because many things – from the individual facts of your case, how long your landlord takes to respond, etc. – can affect how long your case may take. As a general rule of thumb, cases can typically take between 3 – 28 days.

If MVLS prepares a letter to my landlord, will I get to see the letter before it is sent?

Absolutely. If we’re ever going to send a letter to your landlord, you’ll see it first before we send it off! We’ll never send anything to your landlord or agent without your permission first.

Will I get to speak to a lawyer?

As Anika is a third-party service that connects Victorian renters with legal advice given by law students and a supervising lawyer, if you require a phone conversation with a lawyer, we’re able only to connect you with a law student.

Are students involved in the process?

Yes! Part of Anika’s mission is to provide hands-on, practical experience to near-graduating legal students; therefore, all of our legal advice is prepared by law students and is then reviewed by a supervising lawyer. This means that our law students get real, practical experience, everything is double-checked by a supervising lawyer, and you receive the highest-quality legal advice.

Can I tell my landlord to speak directly with MVLS?

Absolutely! If you prefer, you can request that your landlord speaks directly with MVLS.

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